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Are you ready to feel good and increase your ability to perform at your best? If so you are in the right place… We help caregiving individuals and organisations perform at their best by increasing their wellbeing to enable them to enhance the care they provide to others.

Due to increasing empirical evidence, positive psychology is fast being recognised by leading organisations and business across the globe as a crucial touchstone. Research now clearly demonstrates the direct correlation between wellbeing and performance, meaning when we feel good, leverage our strengths – we perform well.

Optima came about in response to the rise of many caregiving professionals on the verge of burn out, often only supported once at crisis point through a traditional curative approach. Optima is a proactive, preventative approach, buffering illbeing while enhancing wellbeing at the individual and systems level.

Optima Performance Coaching is committed to taking a strength based coaching approach to enhance the wellbeing and performance of individuals, teams and organisations who are ready to do more than flu shots, fitness and fruit in an attempt to simply tick a wellbeing box. Optima will take you on a holistic journey of learning, living and playfully imbedding data driven evidence based practices that will increase wellbeing and performance, decrease burnout and stress while imbedding a sustained culture of wellbeing practice that will have a lasting positive impact.

Experienced Educator, skilled Coach and Master of Positive Psychology Alli Williamson has been working with leaders across diverse settings in the independent and public sector as a consultant, presenter, workshop facilitator and coach. Alli provides an empirically based end-to-end service introducing, supporting implementation, and measurement of impact in this vital area.

For those who are ready to position wellbeing for themselves or their organisation as a priority or to learn more please get in touch by clicking the button below to book your free 30 minute consult.

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Alli Williamson

Alli Williamson founder of Optima Performance Coaching is an executive coach with a 200+ hour client log and the market leading consultant in the Positive Psychology space within Tasmania. With nearly two decades as an educational professional and a Masters of Positive Psychology (MAPP, University of Melbourne) she has worked closely with school leaders and change makers across the private and public sectors of Queensland, London and currently, Tasmania.

Alli’s skills and experience as an educator, coach and consultant have been enriched by creating (alongside her husband) a world class strength and conditioning business, CrossFit 42South and raising her two beautiful daughters.

If you are ready to fill your oxygen mask to enable you to optimise your support to others, please get in touch by clicking the button below to book your free 30 minute consult.

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How would it feel to gain clarity about what it is you really want and tap into your unique strengths to help you to get there?


Would you like to learn to use the collective strengths within your family to enhance wellbeing and ensure each individual feels truly valued?


Would you like to leave a wellbeing legacy by increasing the wellbeing of an entire community in a pragmatic and sustainable way?


How would it feel to be a part of an organisation that places true value on it’s greatest asset by focusing on the wellbeing of staff?

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